Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama's worker bees

Bill Bradley was on Hannity and Colmes tonight. He suggested that all the people who were campaigning for BO over the weekend ought to be enlisted into--what? I know not, but I don't like the idea of having the Soviet Youth dropping around the house to see whether I'VE RECYCLED or something. I want all these willing volunteers who are so eager to help Obama achieve his vision to leave me strictly alone. I prefer that they sink into apathy, or go off and get drunk or do drugs. I don't want to be part of Obama's corps of concerned citizens.

What I want to do is turn my thermostat to whatever makes me comfortable, to get gasoline that is reasonable and readily available, to eat whatever unhealthy food I feel like scarfing down. I don't mind paying for what I use. I don't want Big Brother looking over my shoulder.

At art class, one of the women said it was time we had a president who would save the planet. Could we first have a dispassionate look at what, if anything, is wrong with the planet? Ditto health care? Could we investigate dispassionately what's wrong with American health care, and how good--or bad--other systems are?

We take so many things on faith, without any proof. I'm not convinced global warming exists or that there is anything the United States could do to remedy it without crippling our economy. Obama talks blithely about bankrupting coal producers. If he delivers on any of his promises, he will be a piss-poor president.

I blame Bush for the Democratic victory, at least partly. He didn't bother to get the country behind him on the Iraq war. Or on anything. He just went on doing whatever he was doing without explaining himself or justifying himself. The presidency is a bully pulpit, but he ignored its propaganda function, and that's how he lost the battle for public opinion.

McCain was pretty pathetic, too. Why didn't he publicize the Rev Jeremiah Wright's relationship with Obama--a relationship that stinks to high heaven? Why didn't he articulate his plans for solving our financial crisis? Why did he tie himself to using public financing, the equivalent of tying one of his legs behind him?

Basically, I believe that Obama won for two reasons: one, the economy. The financial meltdown worked in his favor. Two: the man is just plain lucky. He only won his Senate seat because his opponent dropped out, among other things. I just hope his luck extends to the country.


dick stanley said...

Uh, as I recall, his senate opponent dropped out after some worker bee in Barry's campaign (not him, oh, no, he would never, etc.) handed the opponent's divorce hearing testimony transcripts over to the media.

Mac was, indeed, a disappointment. Bush, even more so. I'm sure it's hard to be mocked for eight years but he owed all of us more than he gave, especially on the war, which I presume will now peter out to loss and irrelevance until the next terrorist attack.

This civilian corps Barry has proposed will be interesting. I agree that they better not come harassing me to recycle or watch my carbon footprint or whatever. He's said that they will be as "powerful" as the military, which I take to mean armed. If so, it will be interesting to watch how they interact with local, county and state police. Not very well, I expect. Might even be a shootout or three.

That Broad said...

I agree with your analysis Miriam. I have always thought that Bush did not face down his detractors enough. I feel great sympathy for the man, and have always felt he has been treated very unfairly.

I've had people tell me that McCain ran a negative campaign, I want to laugh in their faces, and tell them to change the channel from CNN once in a while.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens now, and hope he doesn't screw things up as bad as he has claimed he is going to.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Barack Obama is a Communitarian, although you will not have heard him use the term during his election campaign. Americans will get a shock when the truth of his hidden agenda becomes known and they find out his real intentions. Bear in mind that Obama is simply a front-man for the New World Order Communitarians.

More here: Common Purpose Communitarian philosophy

miriam said...

Stop:L I don't agree. The situation is bad enough, in all conscience.