Thursday, November 13, 2008

Elections in this country are getting slipshod

Let's stop it. Voters are voting by mail (what an opportunity for fraud!), by absentee ballot, provisionally, with or without previous registration. Ballots are being conveniently found in the back seat of cars and other inauspicious places. Let's stop it now.

Elections should be clean and should be seen to be clean. If people want to vote, let them show up at the proper venue at the proper time and register. Then let them all vote simultaneously, on the same day. This system has worked for 200 years and there is nothing wrong with it. The idea that people have to be coaxed to vote is a rotten one. If you don't care enough to show up at the polls, that's fine. There should be no coercion, and no "volunteers" signing up "voters" in streets and homeless shelters.

At some pre-determined time, all the votes should be counted and the ballots sequestered. Ballots found after that period, no matter where, should be discarded. Precincts which report after that period should not have their votes added to the total. Polls should be closed at the previously announced time, and no latecomers should be admitted.

This Al Franken thing now going on is a disgrace to the republic. So is Franken, but that's an issue for another day.


Wyatt Earp said...

Well said! All voting should be done on ELECTION DAY - with the exception of overseas military ballots - and all paper ballots should go the way of the Edsel, in my opinion.

Melissa B. said...

I never thought Franken was a very funny guy. Maybe he'll be better at the political thing. But you can't use Minnesota as a barometer of all things normal. Remember...they're the ones who elected Jesse Ventura-a retired WWF Wrestler-as their governor a few years ago! Don't forget tomorrow's Silly Sunday Sweepstakes...gotta good one for ya!

dick stanley said...

I don't know about Franken. I think the Dems could use another clown. A real one this time. Not a funnyman. He isn't at all funny. But he sure is a clown.

miriam said...

The Dems don't need any more idiots. Nancy Pelosi, who does not think natural gas is a fossil fuel, and Joe Biden, who believes we and the French chased Hezbollah out of Lebanon, are enough for now.