Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yom Kippur report

Well, the Jewish holidays are over, and I can now ignore the Jewish religion until Passover, when another spasm of piety will undoubtedly strike. I am not religious, but I draw some kind of strength and certitude from being among believers. There is something noble about those who take religious precepts seriously and govern their behavior accordingly.

When I visit my cousin Bernie for Shabbat dinner and he recites the blessing over wine, I admire his dignity and strength. I also acknowledge a direct connection between him--and me--and our ancestors who did the very same thing, far away, in a different country and in different circumstances, but using the very same words. Tradition continues l'dor v'dor--from generation to generation, and I am still part of this, one link in the chain.


Duffy said...

Happy New Year!

miriam said...

Thank you, and same to you!