Sunday, October 12, 2008

oysgevarfene gelt*

The Bill Ayers/Barack Obama/Annenberg Challenge mess chiefly inspires this sentiment in me: Shame on you, Annenberg Foundation! You gave enough money to rebuild a whole neighborhood in New Orleans, to a couple of radical fakers and time-servers who wanted to radicalize school children--and they couldn't even do that! (Neither could they teach them to read, write and calculate, which I bet is the reason their parents send them to school-- but that's another issue.)

President Roosevelt liked to build dams and other infrastructure projects, because something tangible was there to show where the money went. These Annenberg idiots could have built a school, a bridge, a bikepath, a dam for God's sake, and have something to show for the money. They could have bought every child in Chicago a Big Mac.

I'm all for eliminating tax-free foundations. They just make mischief.

*It means money thrown away.

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