Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No passport?

It has been said (sneeringly) of Sarah Palin that she doesn't even have a passport. And what might she have learned, had she had a passport? I've only been to Europe, so please excuse my Eurocentric bias:

1. There are a lot of churches in Europe.

2. Ditto museums.

3. Likewise historic sites where stuff happened.

4. (British Isles and Canada only) Cute young guys in kilts.

5. Also, the Euro is worth about a dollar, sometimes more, sometimes less.

6. Many foreigners speak English. Many do not.

7. There's a long wait to get into the House of Commons; sometimes you don't get in anyway.

8. Did I mention churches?

My trips to Europe did not result in any epiphanies or insights into how to run the nation. I might as well have stayed home and read some Fodor's guidebooks. Going was more enjoyable, but also more costly.

But it was fun, and I heartily recommend that Sarah, Todd, and the kiddies go on a nice family vacation in Europe.


Duffy said...

I've traveled a bit and I can tell you that a few places *cough*morrocco*cough* have made me think, "Whatever the hell they're doing here is not what we should be doing back home".

miriam sawyer said...

As I said, I've limited my travels to Europe.

Somehow I've avoided the armpits of the world.