Saturday, September 13, 2008

People who find my site through Google

Every once in a while I check to see what combination of words brings people to my site. Here goes:

Miriam's porn site
I should really remove this facetious post from my website--the poor dears must be so disappointed. Still, it does generate lots of traffic....

A short history of the United States This one is most often consulted by foreigners. Good grief! I hope they don't take it too seriously.

English towns with funny names: Self-explanatory.

Hairstyles of the 20th century: Also self-explanatory.

Natalee Holloway. In this post, I explained that there is no news about NH; still, people continue to visit the link. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

I closed my LiveJournal on Desember31st. In the post explaining the decision I announced that there will be no new posts in this LJ. Ever. My counter continued inform me of traffic, on some days more so than when I did posted. 6 months passed; I started a wordpress blog. In my old place not only activity never stopped, bu 7 people added my now closed journal on their blogrolls ("friends band" in LJ parlance).
I wrote a post, puzzled of this phenomenon, asking my audience for reasons, I had only legitimate answer, from a woman who wanted me to see her "for selected circle only" posts. No explanation from others.
After that post 2 people who added me on their blogrolls since New Year, removed me. But then in 2 weeks they added me again! Needless to say, the journal remained closed - and no new posts appeared.

One remark I recieved that I found myself agreeing with, reluctantly, was this: "don't look for reason. You'll never know, never understand. Let it be".

miriam said...

``Ssince I got my new computer, I have found it impossible to do anything with my blogroll--add to it, subtract from it, anything.

It used to be my habit to add anyone who sent me a comment to my blogroll. I like to hear from--and link to--as many (current) bloggers as possible. I'd like to remove those who have hung it up, also.

So my blogroll is kind of an antique. Maybe I should remove it and try to add another one from scratch. *headache and screaming*

dick stanley said...

I have trouble imagining a Miriam's Porn Site. The name Miriam just sounds too staid for such foolishness.