Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Completely pointless thoughts about political players

Just stuff that crossed my "mind," if you can call it that:

1. Everyone dumps on Nancy Pelosi for having plastic surgery. Just because she's stupid, does she have to be ugly too? Plastic surgeons have to feed their families, too, you know.

2. Sarah Palin's kids have awful names. Could there be an uglier name for a girl than Bristol? Is it worse than Crystal? It shouldn't be, but somehow it is. It reminds me of the bristles on a pig, or a hairbrush. Poor kid. Willow is not as bad, but I think one of the boys is named Trigger or something. Maybe it's Track. Sarah herself is lovely, of course. Why not Sarah jr?

3. Cindy McCain is too thin. When she stands sideways she disappears. She looks like the undead. Have a cookie, Cindy. Or drink some of the family beer.

4. On the other hand, Laura Bush is a perfect lady. She's tactful and soft-spoken--in a word, charming. She looks as she should look as the mother of grown children. But that doesn't stop anyone from saying ungracious things about her.

5. Hillary Clinton is the world's favorite dumpee. She is criticized for everything from her hair to her toes, with several stops in-between. People who aren't even personally acquainted with her speak of her pejoratively. She appears to be the second most hated figure in politics. GWB, of course, takes the honors.

6. McCain can't do anything about "a woman's right to choose," pro or con. Neither can Obama. Bush couldn't do anything about it either. Nor Clinton. So why can't we drop this topic from political discourse? The case is closed. The supremes have spoken. Give it a rest!


airforcewife said...

I don't dump on Pelosi's surgery. I dump on the fact that it is BAD surgery. If she's not careful, she'll end up like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

And the Palin kids are: Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig.

I have to admit to have named my kids weirdo names, too. I'm not from Alaska, I have no excuse.

Duffy said...

Re #6. The next president will nominate at least one and as many as three nominees. Thomas and Scalia have previously written in their dissents that stare decisis should not apply to Roe. With Roberts on the court and possibly another new nominee they may get that overturned.

FWIW, I don't think either party wants this to be decided as a good portion of either base falls on either side of that bright line.

Paul Smith Jr. said...

Laura Bush was creeping me out last night during her brief talk after her husband spoke. I'm not sure she blinked once.

dick stanley said...

Trig and Track are definitely strange. But I have known a Bristol and a Willow. Cindy epitomizes the old saying: You can never be too rich or too thin. Nancy, I think, is attractive. I wasn't aware she had plastic surgery. I hope she got her neck done, but judging from the scarves she favors, I suppose she didn't. She's just getting old and refuses to accept it. A bit of denial is normal, but Botox and plastic surgery ain't usual except in Hollyweirdos. Laura? Like Sarah she's attacked for not being an elitest liberal. The ELs just don't realize that conseravtive is normal in women in about 75 percent of the USA. Or maybe they do know and it makes their teeth ache. Hillary, who I like to call Hilarity because of her penchant for ineffective lying (i.e. the sniper business)should have dumped Bad Bill long ago. If she had, she might have won the primaries and named Barry as her veep. That would be even more interesting than the current situation. I definitely agree they ought to retire the abortion argument. The chief justice has called it legal precedence, which is unlikely to be overturned, and a federal law now outlaws its worse practice, leaving live-borns to die. But I think it's emblematic of the culture wars, a symbol people use to show which side they're on. Not that it works very well. I'm for it, yet count myself a conservative in most other ways.

miriam said...

Duffy: You never know how a supreme court nominee is going to turn out. A person known for conservative views turns out to be a flaming liberal and vice versa. This is not uncommon. And of course, once appointed, they are totally independent.

Afw: Her kids are world class cute, I must admit. Trig and Track, eh? Well, I suppose they are fortunate not to be named Fric and Frac.

dick stanley said...

Very fortunate. ;-)