Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miriam's ideas?

Truly a lame name for a blog, don't you think? It really does seem feeble.

But at the time when I discovered that blogger would give me a free blog, I strained my brain to come up with something clever--and came up empty.

Finally I decided to go with "Miriam's Ideas." No one else was using it, and it had the virtue of roughly describing what I wanted to put out there. Also, I knew if I waited for inspiration to strike, I would never be able to think of anything. So here I am, four years later, stuck with a stupid blog name.


Duffy said...

You're only stuck if you don't want to change it. I changed mine early on which is why the URL has firststate in it and not pencader. Change it as you wish.

dick stanley said...

Actually, it's nicely to the point. Lots of blog names are very strange. I'd keep it.

Two Dogs said...

I always pronounce your blog name as "Miriam Side As." That way it moves closer to exactly how stupid my blog name is, yet still not in the same park.

Mine is just flat out dumb.

And yes, I have meanolmeany.blogspot.com, too. That is because I am a moron. Which reminds me, I have obamoron.blogspot.com, as well.

Feel better now, don't cha?

airforcewife said...

No, a stupid name would have been hopeandchange.blogspot.com

How about wearethechange.blogspot.com?

I think simple is best - your blog name is simple and easy to remember. Which is good, because I need to be able to find it so that I can read some more stories about your family.

Anonymous said...

4 years? already? boy, I'm dating myself!

Congrats, Miriam

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Nope. You cannot just go and change the name of your blog. It wouldn't be the same anymore. It is just like changing your cat's name, never to be done.

CGHill said...

No, no, no. If you'd called it, say, "Susan's Ideas," that would be lame, inasmuch as your name isn't Susan.

(Actually, after a brief bout of Googlage, I discovered that there is a "Susan's Ideas", but apparently it never got beyond the first post.)

miriam said...

Okay, I'll leave Susan alone, and stick to my ideas.