Thursday, July 10, 2008

I did the unthinkable

Yes, I am the one and only person in the United States and Overseas Possessions to actually return a Mac...

I know I was supposed to enroll myself in the small exclusive Apple fan club and start looking down my nose at the unenlightened who cling to their guns and PCs and fear of people who are different (better) than them.

I had the iMac from Hell. I couldn't download the installation software from my printer, digital camera, or scanner using the CDs, nor could I download it from the internet. I couldn't open my digital photos.

I called Apple, who were amused I was trying to pawn off an old Lexmark printer on my fine new equipment. Okay, I'll accept that, even though the said printer was working just fine. But my camera is new and I don't want to dump it. So I called Olympus tech support. Nothing they tried worked. They were stumped. HP the same. I bought a new Photosmart printer and attempted to install it, but the Apple would have none of it. Tech support for said printer became very annoyed because by God it's supposed to work.

Finally, I called Apple at 6 a.m. their time, and their tech support attempted to grapple with the program. They finally advised me to take it back. Yes, Apple couldn't get the bloody thing to work either!

Now I have Mr Charm scratching his head and trying to put together my new Dell.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried to make a small offering (perhaps, of milk and cookies?) to a group of crunky domestic deities? The list for selection could be found @Gaiman, Neil. American Gods.

Insolublog said...

It is not so unthinkable, Miriam. I have an Apple G5, and several Ubuntu Linux machines. Apple is becoming more like the old Microslop, as time goes by. The arrogance and reliance on devotees, to prop up their superior position, in the face of deteriorating service, is beginning to wear thin.

I recently spent several hours upgrading a friends G4 laptop, with OSX Tiger. After a successful install, I ran the security and combined update, which completely trashed the installer and the update software, making it impossible to fix. I had to re-install the whole drive from backup.

Not only is Ubuntu free, it has better driver support and the web-based knowledge base is extraordinary.

miriam said...

I'll leave Apple to others. My Dell is up and running. I guess I'm just a dolt.

PS: I didn't like the keyboard either. Or the mouse.

dick stanley said...

Well done. You should have gone Dell in the first place. The snooty elites don't really like Apple, either, they're just afraid to say so. Poltroons.