Friday, June 06, 2008

Not up--again and still

The new computer, after failing again and again to connect to the Internet, has been returned to Best Buy. The Verizon man was here for three hours trying to get it to connect to our wireless system. Of course, they tested it and it worked. It worked for me too, sporadically, before shutting down. Before exchanging it for one that (hopefully) works, I had to listen to some condescending words from a couple of know-it-all 20 year olds. Eventually, they gave me a new one.

So now I have to purchase a handcart to get it up the stairs. I thought I had one, but it seems to have fallen down the memory hole. It will undoubtedly Turn Up.

I'm really frustrated beyond words by all this bullshit. However, the bottom line is, No Computer. The people I connect with by e-mail must think I've been wiped off the map.



Tat said...

Couldn't Mr. Charm help you to haul your new piece of machinery up the stair?

Or that would be getting out of character?

Sorry to hear about your troubles, Miriam. 20-plus-somethings know nothing, though; they only think they do.

I had my computer failing to connect to the Net a month ago; called my cable Co, went thru 9 (nine) "helpful" customer service reps, finally insisted on having technician to come for inspection (in 2 weeks; you think anybody deduct that empty time from my bill?), sat thru fruitless and laborous testing process - all the while knowing what the problem was. And having disclosed my knowledge, repeatedly. And being ridiculed.
Only, at the end, to be justified in what I was saying all along: that my modem failed.

The repairman connected the new modem (w/o any hint of credit to me, naturally), collected the tip, left, and now I have a functioning connection. For a while, at least.

dick stanley said...

Good luck, Miriam. My email seems to have been affected by the AT&T-Yahoo merger. My Outlook Express has periodically failed to download mail. I tried calling for help. Got a chat person online who steered me to a tech on the phone. First one was in India, apparently. Promised to call back if we got disconnected. We did, he didn't. The second one, who said he was in the Phillipines, had so heavy an accent I couldn't understand him. Neither helped. So the email switches on and off at its pleasure. Fortunately, I have the Yahoo backup.

OT, judging from some of the commenters at Amazon, the new Reacher novel is anti-military, anti-Iraq, etc. and the villains are right-wing Christians, rather than Islamists. Child may be finally channeling his publisher's left wing tendencies:

datenrettung said...

I have an same experience.We have to face some situation like this sometime.

fahrrad said...

Don't get frustrated Miriam. Be patient, everything will be alright. Good luck, what can I say else.