Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Typical white person speaks at last

and makes a lot of sense.

Be honest, you've all seen them! They are the punks who walk down the street talking loud and giving everyone they see "the look" that says, "Hey, you better not be lookin' at me or I'll jump your a**." They are the bleary-eyed drunks and druggies who look like they are ready to do anything for another drink or fix; they are almost any young people who are travel in "packs", acting like they are the kings and queens of the sidewalk and YOU are on THEIR sidewalk.

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dick stanley said...

I loved it when I read that Barry had dropped that phrase "typical white person" on a radio chat right after his polished, teleprompter speech. The more that gets around--along with his evil bigot pastor--the harder it is going to be for him to break 40 percent in the general. It's going to be very amusing to see McCain win in a landslide. Only the Dems could be stupid enough to lose this election.

Sheila Rene said...

I live in a community filled to the brim with "typical white people." Out of 5100+ residents, we have one black family, two Pakistanis, and one Chinese family who -- let's trot out a big fat stereotype here -- run the local restaurant and the dry cleaning/laundry biz.

Know who's flashing gang sign and giving out The Look? The typical white teenagers walking past my window every day on the way home from school. They learned pretty quickly that I'm not a typical white person and I can stare down with the best of them. I don't know gang sign though. I know just one sign.

Steve B said...

I tend to agree. It's not "blacks" that worry me, it's the angry, angsty punks who somehow feel "entitled" to their rage becase of some perceived injustice.

It's the rap culture, to me. Gangsta crappola that perpetuates a the gangland mindset of machismo and "throwing down" if you get "dis'd" by someone.

It applies to blacks, whites, asians. Is not so much about race, as it is about "cultchah."