Saturday, December 29, 2007

More about watches

I'm sure no-one wants to hear any more about my family's watch problems, but I can't help it. I promise this will be the last watch reference. For a long, long time.

So--I usually buy my watches at Rite-Aid (40 percent off this week only) and throw them out when they stop working. I find it doesn't make sense to replace the battery in a $15 watch.

Also, my watches are liable to end up God knows where. The kitchen counter. The bathroom sink. The bathtub. Once I found one in the clothes dryer. It was still ticking, but alas, had no minute hand--it had come off during the spin cycle.

So you know I am not a fit custodian of a really, really expensive watch. But that's what I've got, thanks to a very generous relative. It's wasted on me. As bubbe would have said, it's like giving a chazar haven, chazar being a pig and haven being oats. Oats being too good for pigs, who prefer slop.

I am now the proud owner of a Movado Museum Watch. Must remember to keep it out of the washer and drier. Also off the kitchen counter when I'm cleaning up.


dick stanley said...

Good luck. I hate expensive watches. I had a Rolex a long time ago. It was stolen. I had an expensive digital. I ruined it in the shower when I forgot I had it on. I stick to Timex now.

miriam said...

I definitely prefer Timex.

prairie biker said...

I love my Omega Seamaster. Although, when I worry I might damage it, I switch to a Citizen Solar-Drive. I am a sucker for expensive watches.

miriam said...

Coincidentally, I traded in the expensive watch for a Citizen Solar-drive.