Saturday, November 03, 2007

Physical therapists here and there

When I had my last knee operation, I went to a rehab in New Jersey. This time I am going to a rehab in Delaware. What a difference in therapists!

The therapists in New Jersey were hardbodies, mostly around the age of 28 or 32. Not an ounce of fat on any of them. I thought at first I had stumbled into a practice session of the Olympic gymnastic team. By the look of them, they were studying hard to be tri-athletes. They spent their weekends running half-marathons, hiking difficult trails, or rock-climbing. In the evenings they relaxed by lifting weights and doing push-ups. We, the patients, were a sad lot compared to them.

The therapists in Delaware are older and softer. They look just like regular folks--spare tire and all. They spend their weekends taking the kids to visit grandma, and in the evenings they hunker down in front of the tv with a brewski.

The therapists in New Jersey were tough. They would tear your leg right out of its socket for your own good. But whatever they did, it worked. The Delaware therapists are much gentler, but they seem to get results too.

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