Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Portrait of Bubbe


I have this photograph hanging over my desk. It's a rare shot of Bubbe, my grandmother. She didn't hold with having her picture taken; not because she was vain, but because she had no use for this kind of narishkeit. In her view, a woman her age should look neat, clean, and unadorned. Lipstick, permanents, hairdye, high heeled shoes--all out of the question. She did wear a corset though. With strings that were pulled.

Today I noticed that she was probably younger when this picture was taken than I am now. Look at her hands. They are quite smooth, and this was a woman who had done plenty of work with her hands. Her hands are just like my hands, only hers are nicer. And I do use lipstick, etc.

How times have changed!
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