Monday, October 29, 2007

How much is a stamp nowadays?

i know I could google it and find out, but I'm too lazy.

I hate to write letters so I hardly ever do. Actually, I hate to write cursive and never have been good at it. I'm not even sure I learned how to do it. When cursive came up in school my father gave me an old typewriter from his office so I taught myself keyboarding instead. I went to a progressive school, and no one noticed.

I must have taken written tests as a child, so I did learn cursive, but my handwriting was awful and has become worse with disuse.

So: stamps. When did they stop putting the price on them? Whenever I buy stamps I buy a book of them so I won't have to buy them again soon. So now I have Ella Fitzgerald and liberty bells. Neither says "U S Postage --cents." I think liberty bell was 41 cents last time I looked, and Ella was less.

So when I absolutely have to write a letter or send a birthday card, I just put two Ellas on the envelope and send it on its way. They haven't doubled the price recently, have they?

So the Post Office--sorry, Postal Service--is making money on me. I think I spent $20 last year and sent three letters.


CGHill said...

Forty-one cents.

The last book I bought does indeed specify the price.

therapydoc said...

Cute blog, Miriam!

miriam said...

Thanks. I somehow had the idea they had changed it again behind my back. Doc: thanks.

Akaky said...

How much are stamps? For the service the USPS offers, too much.