Saturday, October 27, 2007

Get your own blog and get out of mine

I've been moderating comments, and boy am I glad! I've been visited by a nutcase who is fascinated by Rudy Giuliani: I'm talking everything Rudy, all the time. Rudy in a dress, Rudy and 9/11, Rudy and the Jewish problem--wait a minute, maybe not that one!

My advice: if you want to comment on my blog, stick to the topic. Or else just shower me with undiscriminating praise, that will do the trick. You know: "Love your blog, etc."

I am informed that this is still a free country, at least as of 9:24 on a Saturday evening. Not only that, there are free blogs out there for the taking. Start your own!


chaika said...

Love your blog, etc.

Akaky said...

ditto, ma'am, but does this mean we cant obsess about Rudy anymore?

miriam said...

You, Akaky, can obsess about anything--I am one of your most fervent admirers.

I myself think Rudy looks quite fetching in a dress.