Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Daughter with hair


This was an elementary school class photo, maybe 6th grade. I just want to show what thick, wavy hair the people in my father's family have. We all have lots of hair, but this one has the most of all.
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Tatyana said...

Eating my heart out here.
Have a story of family envy of my own: my dear young sister has the hair like you daughter's, and always had, gorgeously curly and thick. I, on the other hand, spent a small fortune on perms in unreacheable dream to look like we're related...

That Broad said...

What a lovely daughter. My daughter has quite an unruly head of hair, back when she was opposed to bathing and hair combing it was extremely unruly, and gave me a lot of heart ache.

Thankfully, one good thing about the teen years approaching is she has started to see the value of such useful tools as the comb, and no long views these items as instruments of torture.

miriam said...

She's much prettier now she's grown up.

Tat: I had hair like that as a kid, and ate my heart out because it was not straight.

Tb: Wait until she starts washing it obsessively. It's hard on the drains.

dick stanley said...

It's funny when they reach the age where they can't pass a mirror without examining themselves in it.

miriam said...

Dick: That is the age when two showers a day--or more-- start.

I heard this particular daughter taking a shower one day. Then the water was turned off. 15 minutes later she turned it back on. It seems she had some stuff on her hair that had to be rinsed out after 15 minutes, so she took two showers.