Monday, October 08, 2007

Are Republicans the stupid party?

Possibly. An interesting post on how to talk to a toddler elicited the following comment:

I certainly wouldn't recommend for President Bush to speak toddlerese to the Left, since they would just assume this was his natural mode of speech. Media both in America and allied nations faithfully portray Bush as severely retarded, a man who cannot watch TV and eat pretzels at the same time, much less understand the speeches he reads.

I can remember the days when Eisenhower was president. The press generally considered him stupid because he was not a polished speaker. So did the Democrats. Everyone who was anyone knew he was stupid. He barely had enough brains to pick up a golf club. Adlai Stevenson (remember him? I didn't think so) a C student if there ever was one, was considered an intellectual. We mourned when Ike defeated him handily.

The only people who didn't consider Ike stupid were the voters; somehow the stupid had enough low cunning to manipulate the general public.

It took me years to emerge from the fog of lefty superiority and ask the simple question: How did Eisenhower manage to win the war in Europe if he was so dumb?


Anonymous said...

Here are the questions I always ask the smug people who say Bush is stupid, as if it were a fact as obvious as "what goes up must come down".

"Let's see..Bush went to Yale, and graduated with a C average, back when a C meant average. He is now the President. Where did YOU go to college? What is it YOU do for a living?"

The arrogance is usually impenetrable because snobbery is invoked to defend the assertion that Bush really is stupid anyway. Oh, he's just an oil-man, a rich boy, a puppet of the military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex (add your own hyphens ad libidum). And the topper: Americans are stupid! That's why he got elected!

miriam said...

I don't have much faith in the value of an Ivy League degree. After all, Al Gore went to Harvard.

Bush does not express himself well and it's a very serious flaw, because he has not been able to get out in front of the voters and persuade them of the rightness of his policies.

That being said, I don't believe he is a stupid man.

By the way--interesting factoid--his father (Bush's) was Phi Beta Kappa, and he couldn't express himself either.

dick stanley said...

Bush the younger and Bush the elder were both fighter pilots, not an easy skill to develop or practice, let alone to survive. Bush the younger flew one of the most dangerous of the early jet fighters, far out over the Gulf of Mexico on patrols during the cold war. If he was really stupid, he could not have survived any of that to be elected president. Of course he isn't stupid, he just irritates liberals and always has,

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to stay the course, and say that he is stupid. Being intelligent doesn't mean that you can accomplish anything, likewise being stupid doesn't mean that you can do nothing. I know surgeons who are stupid.

If he isn't stupid, then he is evil. I would prefer stupid.