Saturday, October 13, 2007

Al Gore, meddler

wins the Nobel "peace" prize. So called because it has nothing to do with peace, but might irritate George W Bush, and that would be fun for the committee.

I don't see why we should respect the views of a bunch of lefty Norwegians, who are wrong 75 percent of the time. Yassir Arafat, anyone? Ho Chi Min? The Kellogg Briand pact? Oops, make that 90 percent of the time.

If anything, Gore's proselytizing is an excuse to be distracted from more important things threatening our civilization, like the possibility of being blown up by Muslim extremists. Granted, it serves as a substitute for religion, provides a fantastic way to seize control of governments economic and energy policies, and unites the world as only a global commitment to ideology really can, but its not as though we are dealing with Catholic theology, or some sort of belief in a world community here. We're talking about a group of people who enjoy telling others what to do while cheating at their own guidelines, and a committee that is spending the hard-earned gross domestic product of a majority of world nations discussing plans to impose environmental sanctions on First World nations who do not comply with their every whim while ignoring the majority contributors to 'Greenhouse Gas Emissions,' Third World pre-industrialized nations.

May I point out that the United States Senate, in more enlightened times, refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty, 98-0. Gore was a senator at the time. It would kill our economy and do about as much good as a blood transfusion would do a corpse.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore has been acting like a man who's finally "gotten religion". After he lost in 2000, he went into a funk, grew a beard, added some pounds. And then he "saw the light". The "environment" and "the planet" have given him something to live for. The Nobel is merely rewarding him for being a burr in the butt of the entire US economy.

miriam said...

A burr in the butt--precisely.

Tatyana said...

Afraid it's not so irrelevant for the rest of us.
2 days ago i received an in-office e-mail re: real-time televised Q&A session where the audience could communicate thru e-mailing the Qs. The topic: global warming as guidelined by AlGore and its implementation into governmental regulations, particularly, into LEED-certification practices for architects, designers and building industry professionals. Lobbying for change of Federal, State and County construction standards; turning voluntary guidelines into mandatory codes.

Do you imagine how much wasted funds, time and energy this means?