Monday, September 24, 2007

You're making me nervous

This blogging thing has its pluses and minuses: One of the minuses is that I worry about the people who no longer comment, no longer even visit. Where are you? Matt, my first commentor?

Have I suddenly become boring, like Paul Krugman, or pointless, like Maureen Dowd? Or pretentious, like Keith Olbermann? Or all of the above? (Don't answer that.)

Where is my favorite librarian, whose pithy posts would make my day? What about the representative of that distinguished organization, the Elders of Zion? Too busy to drop by, eh Neil?

UAW guy, now that your union is out on strike, why don't you spend some leisure time on my blog? And mamacita, what went wrong? And jv, now that you're famous and winning prizes right and left, are you too big a snob to drop by an old friend's blog?

And what of Attila? Too busy raping, pillaging and looting to help out an old friend? What about my favorite lawman?

This linking is time-consuming. You know who you are.


Neil said...

Sorry, but we've all been over at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's new daddy-blog. Except for some of the ranting against the Zionists, he is hilarious!

Laurie Kendrick said...

Very interesting site. Glad I found you.

As for blogging and comments, I think it ebbs and flows, well that's a given. There are days when I get loads of hits but with no comments. Then there are days when I'll get plenty of comments but with no real hits to speak of.

Go figure.

I don't know if this happens with you, but my posts--the ones I think are so damn hilarious and clever and delightfully pithy, hardly generate any comments at all. And sometimes the throw away crap that took two minutes to write, will become the heaviest hitters.

Again, go figure.

Lastly, I was watching Mahmoud on the Tube this afternoon. He's one crazy looking cat with this incredibly annoying ability to nervously smile at THEE MOST inappropriate times. IN the simplest of terms, he just looks insane.

I'm writing a post Wednesday about an interesting photo diary he left in his hotel room.

Enjoyed your site. I'll be back!


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Elders at your beck and call. Right now helping out in a character assassination of a certain ugly person and, besides, being driven to a suicidal mood by that cursed Facebook...

But am watching this here blog like a hawk. No worries on this account.

miriam said...

Laurie: Thanks. You forgot to mention your url. I'd like to see your blog.

Snoopy and Neil: Still there! Love you guys.

Duffy said...

Thing to remember: RSS readers do not show hits on your hit counter. Comments are another thing. I don't get any either. Maybe one in 50 posts garners a comment. I haven't commented here b/c frankly, I haven't had anything to add. I like the family stories but I don't have anything meaningful to add.

Akaky said...

many apologies, ma'am, but I have been following Neil with my brand new camera. it's a silly gig, but the always lovely Sophia wants solid grounds to dump just in case she ever makes up her mind to dump him or not. So that's been taking up most of my time these days and so I have not been commenting or even writing for TPP very much, although I do have something new there now.

Wyatt Earp said...

Sorry, Mom! :)

I haven't been commenting a lot anywhere for a while. My bad.

Although, I haven't seen your smiling face at SYLG in a few, either . . .

Tatyana said...

and what are we, chopped liver?

[mmmm...chopped liver...]

miriam said...

Thanks to all. Wyatt: See ya!
Akaky: Pictures? Tat: Sounds like someone's hungry!

Akaky said...

chopped liver....(liver, ;-P, yeccchhhh!)

miriam said...

Akaky: What does an Irishman know from chopped liver? That stuff has killed more Jews than Hitler.