Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A sweet new year to everyone

What I don't understand is why people say: Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends! Everyone should have a happy new year, not just Jews! Hey, here's a happy new year greeting for everyone, except possibly Osama bin Laden.

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Tatyana said...

Thank you for making me to clarify something for myself, on the subject.
Had some hint of unpleasantness, when reading on a good acquaintance's blog "Happy New Year to all who considers themselves to be concerned" - didn't know why it struck me as a very dividing statement, until I read your post.

When I had tried to explain, on that thread, that I think New Year is a holiday for everyone, no matter what nation/nationality he/she is, it's an indication of how many years the people's history go back in time - somebody noted that I should be dragged to the mental institution, as an exhibit of irreparable mental damage.

Which might be true, for all I know.