Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Republican debate

I watched the whole debate last night, and then read the transcript in the New York Times. So here are my impressions, for what they're worth:

1. Romney is impressive, but there is something a bit plastic about him. Particularly when he opens his eyes wide, he reminds me ever so faintly of Dudley Doright.

2. You have to hand it to McCain for knowing the score where the war is concerned.

3. Giuliani did okay, but not fantastic, in rationalizing his changing positions re immigration, gun control, etc. He's also sound on the war. He's at his best when he's being straightforward, not trying to "frame" his positions.

4. Mike Huckabee is very intelligent and made some good points. I think he is a good candidate for some future period unless he does something stupid.

5. I think Fred Thompson is going to flame out.

6. Can we forget about "family values," at least until we whup these Islamists? Also gay marriage? Gun control too. The president of the United States has little to do with these issues.

7. Brit Hume is the best dressed man in television, casual yet elegant. Could we elect him?

I love a snappy dresser.


airforcewife said...

And, Brit has an awesome voice.

A man should have a smokin' voice.

miriam said...

He's smart, too.


Anonymous said...

"I think Fred Thompson is going to flame out."

I did a little calculating, and it seems that for the first day, 96 people per minute are viewing his 15 min webcast on . Not too shabby, seems quite a few folks are not so happy with the other choices.

When I look at the other 8, I really get depressed...

From 'Plastic man' Romney to I'll make the whole country like New York Rudy, Isolationist Paul, Loose Cannon McCain, and the other lesser candidates, who is going to solidly stand for the 'Real' values of America? I think Fred is the one.

miriam said...

Could be. But I like Rudy. Actually, I like Brit, but he's not running.