Monday, September 10, 2007

How to get more troops

According to reports I have read, Gen Petraeus believes we just don't have enough troops to keep up the good work in Iraq for very long.

Excuse me, there are 300 million Americans. We can't rustle up enough soldiers?

I believe we have two problems here.

1. Too few troops;

2. Too many illegal--no, make that undocumented (too harsh)--how about unexpected--aliens (aka citizens in training)

Let's put the two together and see what we come up with.

Suppose we station army recruiters at the borders with clipboards to sign up the new visitors. Those who want to serve could come in, the others not.

Teach our officers to say "attack" and "fire" in Spanish. Also, some cusswords.


prairie biker said...


Fuego! Ajuste Fuego contra los hijos de perras intrenchados alla detras de la mezquita!

miriam said...

Matt: You forgot the cusswords. Mr Charm informs me that armies cuss all the time.

prairie biker said...

Con~o! Que tragadaga! Que juevona'o! Que jodienda!

Cierto, que "hijos de perras" es una palabrota.

miriam said...

Dammit, Matt! You're making me sorry I didn't take Spanish in school.