Monday, August 27, 2007

Most inspiring women?

Self magazine, which I subscribe to strictly as stairmaster reading, has a list of the most inspiring women of today. Among them are Hillary Clinton (yeah, I can see that), Oprah (definitely a candidate), and Maya Angelou (her self-promotion is inspiring).

Then we come to Sheryl Crow, she of the famous one square of toilet paper. I suppose she's better qualified than her chum Laurie David, who is famous for getting it on with the gardener while married to someone else.

But Sheryl Crow! Picture her little brain, rattling around in her head like a single frozen pea in a bucket, as she prattles on and on about saving the planet!

What about women scientists, businesswomen, engineers, explorers? What about women with a solid record of accomplishment?

These women inspire me to howl at the moon!


prairie biker said...

We have a wonderful new resident here in Champaign:

miriam said...

Thanks for the link. Good choice.