Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Men can't find anything, even if it is where they put it

I have at least 1,000,000 things in this house, and I can find 999,999 of them, and I don't need the other one anyway, and anyway it will turn up, maybe.

The scenario in the Charm household goes like this:

Mr C: What did you do with my keys?
Me: (pretend I didn't hear him).

Mr C: You must have put them somewhere.
Me: Where were you when you had them last?
Mr C: (accusingly) right here!
I find keys, exactly where he put them, cleverly hidden by today's paper, which he put on top of them.

Alternative scenario:
Me: Maybe they're in the bedroom?
Mr C: I wasn't in the bedroom!
I find keys in bedroom, on top of his bureau.
Mr C: Oh.

PS: I never clean his office. You should see it.

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That Broad said...

I had to laugh at you finding the keys under the paper that he placed on top of them. Although, I can't say too much, I am usually hollering at my husband, "where are my keys, do you have them?" Usually before he can get up and look for them I yell, "Nevermind, I found them."