Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Have trouble balancing your checkbook?

In these days of online banking, does anyone still bother?

A little old lady who was a regular library user, back in the old days when checkbooks were supposed to be balanced, told me her method:

She opened a bank account with Bank A and tried to keep track of her money.

When she had totally lost track of this account, she took the checkbook across the street to Bank B, and opened an account there.

When Bank B's statements became confusing, she repeated the procedure with Bank C.

Rinse and repeat. Fortunately, there were lots of banks in New Jersey, so she was never found out. I don't know if this would work in Resume Speed, Idaho. Perhaps all the bankers there talk to each other.

When she died, I believe her heirs had a hell of a time figuring things out. But it worked for her, anyway.

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