Saturday, June 09, 2007

Should I write a book?

Some of my fans (well, a very few of my fans) have suggested I write a book about my family. So I have been looking through my archives to see whether I had enough stuff, and I am astonished to say that I have reams and reams of blather: some family, some library, some merely cosmic Republican angst. I am impressed by how long I have been keeping this up.

Another impression: the stuff I wrote last year and the year before is better written and wittier than the stuff I am churning out nowadays. I blame it on Bush.

I haven't finished my Miriam Retrospective, but so far I do have enough material for a book, albeit a very slim volume, not unlike those slim books of self-published poetry that turn up now and then at book sales. I wouldn't have a clue as to how to publish this stuff. I'm pretty sure Greenwood Press (who published the only other book I had anything to do with) wouldn't be interested.

So do I print it out and staple it together with a pathetic homemade cover, like a real loser? Do I sell it myself?

On second thoughts, forget it. The mere thought of all that work makes me tired.


airforcewife said...

I would absolutely buy your book.

Maybe you could tell me how to publish one myself, although I have to wonder if anyone would really want to read about the adventures of an overly loud, overbearing, red-headed Air Force wife who has nearly enough children for a hockey team.

miriam said...

I'll buy yours, you buy mine.

Now if we could just interest a few thousand more readers....