Friday, June 22, 2007

The ruling classes have decided...

what we in the proletariat should like.

In this case it's amnesty. However:

1) This bill is incredibly unpopular with the general public....

2) This bill is even more unpopular with conservatives than with the general public.

Why the rush to do something about the 12 million illegals--excuse me, undocumented Americans--now here? Are they going someplace? Or are they like ticking bombs, who will self-destruct if we don't do something?

Why not just continue the practice we have been engaged in since the last amnesty, and just ignore them, while shoring up our borders? When the borders are closed we can decide what to do with those who are still here.

By the way, I see the Palestinians are leaving the Gaza strip in record numbers. May I make a suggestion, that they not come here? We have enough cab drivers who won't pick up blind people. Also enough home-grown terrorists.

All we need is a bunch of disaffected, untrained and rebellious young men to make mischief here. How about Saudi Arabia as a destination? I hear the weather is lovely there at this time of year.


scott said...

I do believe this one starts at the top. Bush has had this plan for a long time and wants to push it before his term in office ends. The good and bad of George Bush is that he operates off of principal, not polls. While this is far better in a President then a poll watcher, it also occasionally ends up with something very destructive, such as this immigration bill that Bush's base simply does not support.

For my part, I agree with you. Do the border control now, then have extensive hearings about what to do with the illegals now in country and future immigration policy.

miriam said...

I think you're right. Bush thinks this is the right thing to do. However, that does not give him the right to be snarky about other people's motives in opposing the bill.

Incognito said...

The Palestinians don't want anything other than Israel gone.