Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Comcast days

Glenn Reynolds had his problems with Comcast. So did I.

The first tech who came to install our television and internet connection brought equipment different from what we had requested. We wanted to be able to record programs. He brought the plain vanilla equipment. He started to install it anyway with a brooding look on his face. "I've had a bad day," said he.

Then he discovered he would have to go out in the back yard to do something or other, which did not improve his mood.

The TV worked, sort of. The Internet, not so much. Of course we were unable to record anything, but let that pass....

When the bill came, they were charging us for premium service. The first of many phone calls ensued, which I would characterize as Comcast 1/ Miriam 0. In short, we never did get the billing straightened out. Putting that aside for a moment...

Our Internet did not work. I begged, pleaded and threatened until I coerced them into sending another tech. When I told someone at their office about the horrible tech who had come to the house, the person sighed. "Oh, that guy! Well, he doesn't work for Comcast, he's an independent contractor. We've had lots of complaints about him."

Says I, "So why don't you stop using him?"

"Oh, he's not that bad."

Another tech came to the house and told me the first tech had attached everything to the wrong cables. He had to rewire. It still didn't work very well. Meanwhile...

We started paying them only for the services received, and they started phoning us. To settle this impasse, we canceled our service and got Dish TV and DSL Internet and the hell with it. However...

The last chapter had not ended. Comcast wanted us to deliver their equipment to their office.

I refused. They called for a while then stopped calling. End of story.

Remind me to tell you about my adventures with Verizon some time.

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airforcewife said...

I had stuff break down while hubby was deployed. Then I called Comcast and they refused to do anything for me. I started hitching and near-crying (not on purpose, either, but it had been a long few months and things were falling apart right and left) and I guess seemed as though I was coming unhinged.

They sent someone out the next day.

The moral of this story is... hysterics work.