Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hamas vs Fatah

I once made some remarks about the difference between Hamas and Fatah, and I still keep getting hits from same, although I am far from being an expert. So I thought I would expand on the topic.

The Difference between Hamas and Fatah:

1. Hamas wants to drive Israel into the sea. Fatah just wants to kill Jews. Drowning, while is would be nice, is optional.

2. Fatah followers go to the mosque to get fired up to kill and maim Jews and their political enemies. Hamas guys skip the mosque part.

3. Hamas guys wear masks when they go around killing people; Fatah guys wear beards and masks.

4. Hamas persuade others by means of Kalashnikovs; Fatah prefer AK-47.

5. Hamas followers revere Yassir Arafat; Fatah members loot his house and steal his peace prize.

6. Hamas guys like to blow up buses. Fatah folks prefer pizzarias.

7.--My God, aren't six reasons enough? Figure it out for yourselves. I can't do all the work around here.


Johnny Virgil said...

Miriam, one nit to pick. An AK is a Kalashnikov. That's the "K" part of AK-47. Other than that, you're right on!!

Anonymous said...

Also, it is Fatah that reveres Yassir Arafat and not Hamas.