Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's wrong with the immigration bill?

Bill Whittle explains:

Large numbers of non-citizens want to live in the United States. Large numbers. A society can only assimilate so many people in a given year. If millions and millions of people come here illegally, they are loading the system to capacity at the expense of the honest, decent people who are doing the right thing by applying to immigrate legally. If we reward illegal immigration with amnesty, we have allowed the illegals not only to screw our own people and laws, but even more so they harm their own countrymen who are trying to get here by cooperating.

The biggest losers in our inability to control illegal immigration are the legal immigrants. What benefit do these honest people gain from playing by the rules?...
And, by allowing this to happen, you also set a precedent, which I think is even more destructive: you are saying not only to the illegals but to the entire society that laws are for chumps. Cheaters win. How much of this do we need to be immersed in before everyone realizes the smart move is to flip from cooperation to betrayal? How much damage does it do when the very people sworn to uphold the law – uphold the rules that allow this amazing cooperation game to continue -- are the ones who seem most enthusiastic to reward cheating?

This article is so perceptive, it deserves to be read in its entirely.


Wyatt Earp said...

And in 20 years, when it gets nuts again, the sitting Prez will formulate another "deal." Despicable.

miriam said...

Wyatt: I'm not sure this bird will fly.

Anonymous said...

Eh hemm. {{snicker}}

I do believe that it's, "read in its entirety."

{{points and giggles}}

Sorry, I'm a grammar geek.

~Steve B

miriam said...

Anon: You are right. Good catch.