Monday, May 07, 2007

Removing people from photographs

According to this N Y Times article, technology has advanced to the point where images of unwanted mates or former friends can be edited out of photographs.

The restoration artists are also able to edit people in to and out of photographs. Many customers ask the services to edit former husbands or wives out of cherished family photos.

I employed a similar but low-tech solution to getting rid of pictures of former boyfriends or bad dates. I simply cut their heads out of the photos, leaving a picture of myself looking gorgeous on the arm of a headless guy.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Sorry to pour cold water, but:

1. The link seems to be broken.

2. The know-how was mastered during Soviet times, without the effing Photoshop, too.

3. Cutting off heads is relatively humane, if you see what I mean...


miriam said...

Link fixed.

It's weird when I come across one of those photos of the headless guys. I sometimes forget which is which.

dick stanley said...

I, too, have snipped, headless photos. I only wish I could remember who they were before the excision.