Saturday, April 14, 2007

I found it on E-Bay

Actually, I didn't. I didn't find it on Google either.

Start at the beginning. I lost my cell phone. Went to Best Buy. They looked up my phone number on their computer and discovered I was eligible for an upgrade for one cent. So I got a new LG phone which includes a camera. Good. I like to take pictures, but never have my camera with me, so I will take pictures of all and sundry with my cell phone and upload them to my computer.

Not so fast. I have to have something that hooks my camera to the computer. So I am looking for a cable to perform this humble task. I went to Best Buy. They don't do peripherals for Cingular, and recommended that I go to the Cingular Store. So I did.

Amy, who was sitting at her desk apparently in a trance, interrupted her communion with her Inner Amy to assure me that the Cingular store doesn't sell stuff like that, I should try the Cingular or the LG website, and resumed her reverie.

So I looked on E-Bay. E-Bay sells all kinds of LG goodies, but not that. I googled it. Google has bigger fish to fry, namely selling expensive phones and bluetooth attachments. And other stuff which should interest Martians, but not me. I can't even program the cell phone. I can't even download a ringtone. And I don't want to be walking around talking to someone invisible. I talk to myself already, I don't need to be in touch with someone else.

So I am in the twenty-first century, trying to use twenty-first century gadgets, but with a brain that is stuck in the 20th century.


dick stanley said...

Well, it was only one cent. Think of the money you saved. (Silver linings dept., third floor, everybody out).

Akaky said...

You see, I told everyone weird stuff like this was going to happen when they broke up Ma Bell.

That Broad said...

I'm a proud camera phone photographer. I will be glad when those things take better pictures. That will be nice.

I just send the pictures to my email. You should be able to do that if you have pix messages as part of your service. The main thing is to be sure these won't cost an additional fee.

miriam said...

Thanks for the tips and sympathy. Would throwing it at the wall very hard help?