Friday, March 23, 2007

Women's seder

I attended a women's seder last night. It was all about Women, not women, but Women. Who've made a Difference. That kind.

They placed a cup of water in the center of the table, for Miriam. Not me, but the priestess, Moses' sister. Also an orange, to symbolize gay and lesbian Jews. Or something. I think. The connection was not quite clear.

A group of singers presided. As singers, they were pretty good. As celebrants, not so much. A lot of carry-on about abortions, abused women, etc. At one point they called for names of women who are Change Agents, and one woman called out Nancy Pelosi.

When I found out the name of the caterers, my heart sank. The last time I attended a function they had catered, the food was miserable. I asked why they are always hired to cater kosher events, and was told they are reliable. I suppose it makes some kind of sense; it probably would have been worse if they hadn't shown up with the food.


acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

dick stanley said...

It sounds like you didn't enjoy it. So why did you go?

miriam said...

I enjoyed being with other people. And I was curious--I'd never been to one--you don't know what anything is like until you try it.

I think I'll stick to the old-timey seders in the future, though.

Erica said...

Personally, I'm not too down with da feminist sederim because despite what so many others think, Judaism is not a sexist religion...just one with clear delineations between the male and female roles.

Lesbian and gay seders? As opposed to what? Seders for Jews born without an appendix? Why single oneself out? The point of life, I thought, was togetherness...not finding reasons to tear yourself asunder from the rest of the community.

My cousin sings Chad Gadyoh in Yiddish. It's a showstopper! Heh.

Okay, quite a ramble (sorry), considering it's my first time on your blog. And if I don't happen this way again, a zis'n Pesach!

Anonymous said...

I've managed to avoid that sort of thing. I can't tell you how nuts I would be if I had to sit through that.