Monday, March 12, 2007

Orson Scott Card hates a book

and gives reasons.

Read the whole thing. Card carefully recounts the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict since the inception of Israel. He gives a closely reasoned analysis of the author's sloppy thinking and outright lies. Any impartial reader would agree with his argument.

So what?

I have had this discussion many, many times with individuals who had bought into the whole system of lies, and never succeeded in changing anyone's mind. No matter how persuasive, Card's argument falls on deaf ears. People like me understand what he is talking about. But leftists don't want to, can't, believe it.

Extreme leftism is a religion, a religion in which the Palis play Christ and the Israelis anti-Christ. To further muddy the waters, lefties (including the Arabists in the US State Department, have a real admiration for Arabs, who have the appeal of the Other: they are so exotic! They dress in robes! They carry weaponry! They're third-worldly as hell! How romantic!

Leftism is the civil religion of the upper middle classes. And these are the people who write books, report the news, and teach in our universities.


airforcewife said...

I don't get it,either. And I don't get their attraction to the Arab World, either. Exotic? So What? When you SEE what the Israelis went through in 1948 and the wars since I just don't understand how anyone could not be filled with admiration and awe.

And, by the way, believe in miracles, too.

I personally think it comes from a deeply hidden belief that they are afraid they could not measure up. So they would rather tear down.

nate-dogg said...

and rightism isn't?

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Amen, sister.