Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One of James Webb's supporters weighs in

Voters voted for him because he is crazy?

I voted for Jim Webb--just exactly because of the very obvious fact that he is, without doubt, absolutely mental. Nutters. Teched in the head, as they used to say. Advanced syphilis insane.

And thus, I knew, and dearly hoped, for six long, entertaining years of Jim Webb being, well, Jim Webb. And so far, he has not disappointed me in the least.

By the end of the current session, I fully expect him to show up on the Senate floor in an all-white, antebellum Planter's suit. With a hardwood cane. Which he will use to brain some other senator whom he deems to have insulted him.

And after that, the first duel between public officials in over a century.

It's just freakin' inevitable. And I cannot wait.



This commentor is being unfair to the rest of the herd. There are plenty of crazy senators who can provide good solid entertainment value. We didn't need another.

Of course, a duel on the Senate floor might provide a refreshing change of pace.

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