Sunday, April 13, 2008

The fun side of Passover

These are quite popular, it seems.

Finger puppets of the ten plagues.

I don't get it. Plagues are fun? I fail to see the light side of boils and cattle disease, and the thought of the death of first-born babies doesn't even evoke a slight smile.

These plagues were serious s--t, folks. You don't want to get God mad at you. Ask the Egyptians.


Paul Smith Jr. said...

I saw those in Acme the other day.

airforcewife said...

A couple years ago in Bed Bath and Beyond I saw true horror. It was called the "Bag O'Plagues."

I'm not sure who actually bought the thing, but I would have been afraid to open it for fear that whirling locusts would belch forth from it's depths. Or perhaps it would shine forth darkness like the pot of gold radiates a rainbow.

Further more, I happen to love my children, and I didn't want to be responsible for the curse of the Bag O'Plagues on the eldest.

miriam said...

I guess we don't get the lighter side of plagues.

dick stanley said...

I didn't know Bozo the Clown was one of the plagues (see the puppet on the bottom with frizzy, red hair). Perhaps he would bore you to death. Is that green one Barney?