Saturday, March 10, 2007

Curse blogger!

I was trying out new templates, and all my comments were wiped out. My blogroll was wiped out. My little icons were wiped out! My blog has had a surgical personality removal! I can't tell what kind of animal I am! I can't access my statistics! I am powerless!



scott said...

Oh you poor woman. The ultimate new blogger nightmare . . . though of little comfort, we offer our sympathies, ma'am.


KurtP said...

kinda late, but next time cut and paste you current teplate somewhere safe- MS word, or e-mail.

BEFORE you play with your template.

Also, add Haloscan for your comments.
It would keep your comments no matter what you do to your template.

Hope this helps next time.

dick stanley said...

Holy Moly. Hope you get well soon!

miriam said...

I'm mad at haloscan too. I'm having difficulty understanding their instructions. Why do these computer geeks have such complicated minds?

I know whereof I speak because my brother is a computer geek.

That Broad said...

Ack. That is no fun. I feel your pain, it took me several months to even figure out how to add a blog roll to my little space.

I won't change a thing now because I'm scared I will mess everything up.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

You can even back up your template in notepad.
Your site looks pretty good right now. :)

miriam said...

I had help. Still can't get Haloscan.