Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Can we try it this way?

Putting people in categories on the basis of race doesn't seem to be working.

Perhaps 'we' ought to consign this whole 19th Century notion of 'race' to the dustbin of history. Dividing people up for the superficial differences of skin tone and feature doesn't seem to have worked, does it?

When the left adopted ‘race’ as one of its causes, naturally it saw it as a collectivist problem with a collective solution. But, rather than wasting away – just as the state was supposed to do under communism - we find that race and race ‘differences’ become accented and entrenched through the systems set up for it like the whole race relations 'industry' we now have – just as the state apparatus became stronger and stronger under communism.

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KurtP said...

Of course the left embrased race as a "cause"...beCAUSE it means money and power.

The Dems have always been interested in our black bretheren, they were the
party most slave owners belonged to.