Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Those poor, malligned illegal immigrants

Can NBC tell both sides of illegal immigration?

NBC will be running "Tom Brokaw Reports: In the Shadow of the American Dream" a special about illegal immigration on December 26.

Color me skeptical, but every single time they've run one of these "specials" it has turned out to be full blown "blame America" pieces that show a bunch of poor, "do gooder" illegal aliens and some evil "racist" Americans who want them deported.... They never show the families that have been destroyed by illegal alien criminals, drunk drivers and vicious gangs like MS-13.[]

You may hear the word "illegal", but more than likely you'll hear the word "undocumented" once and then after that just "immigrant", lumping the illegals in with immigrants as a whole. You'll see plenty of crying illegal aliens and no crying Americans, as we all know the illegal aliens are the victims. Right?

I stand squarely on both sides of this issue. It gripes me to see people breaking our laws, but I feel for the poor immigrants who just want a chance to work and get a better life. However, when I see them demonstrating and threatening to take this country back it pisses me off.

Why don't we appoint a bipartisan commission, with Jim Baker and Lee Hamilton at its head...oh, wait, we all know how well that works!

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