Thursday, November 16, 2006

Road rage

This apparently really happened:

Apparently my friend was driving on one of the main drags in our town, and pulled up to a stop light and the people in the car next to her started flipping her off. She did what anyone else would do and flipped the bird right back at them.

The people then followed her to her destination, and the next thing she knows she is being lambasted with numerous dirty words....

My friend taunted her a bit, smiling and acting like it was no big deal, and then went into the store.

Something similar happened to me, in Wayne, New Jersey, as a matter of fact. I don't recall what brought on my assailant's anger, but she was much more agressive than friend. We were driving on the ring road around a shopping mall, when she pulled in front of me and got out of her car. She invited me to do the same, intimating that we should duke it out.

She kept ordering me to get out of the car, but a glance at the odds went like this: the car weighed two tons, I weighed 140 and she weighed maybe 150. I was overmatched against her, and she was way overmatched against the car. So I told her that I wasn't getting out of the car, and if she didn't move her vehicle I would run her over.

You could see her digest this shit muffin unwillingly, but after a haughty stare or two and some bad languages (she spoke English and Spanish, and said bad things in both), she got into her car and slammed the door viciously, which didn't hurt me in the least, and abandoned the quest.

Get out of the car? In New Jersey? I may be crazy, but not so crazy as all that.

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