Monday, November 06, 2006

No more love affairs

A lady in my demograhic (codgerette, junior class) recently confided in me that an attractive man had made a pass at her. She decided against taking him up on it, because, in her words: "No way am I going to take my clothes off in front of a man again."

I undestand where she is coming from. It's not taking off clothes that bothers me--something filmy in the negligee department hides a multitude of sins. However, something tells me that in the course of a hot and steamy affair, I would have to take off my shoes. The party of the second part would then see my feet. Ugh.

I wasn't born with ugly feet. Once upon a time they were toe-suckingly gorgeous, but years of dancing, walking, and wearing painful but glamorous shoes have taken their toll.

Bottom line. I'll keep my shoes on, along with my other apparel. Sigh! The end of romance.

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