Monday, November 27, 2006

Jimmy Carter diplomacy is back

Are we going to negotiate with the Iranian madmen?

And what is the common factor involved in the instability of those three areas? Iran. Hezbollah in Lebanon is an Iranian proxy. Hamas and al-Qaida in the Gaza Strip are assisted and funded by Iran (and given aid and comfort by Iran's Jew-hating genocidal rhetoric), while Iran is the primary player in the 'sectarian' violence in Iraq, details of which are discussed above.

This is not a complicated situation, and can be solved very simply and quickly. Here is the Tammy Middle East Strategy Plan:

1) One bullet, strategically placed, for Hezbollah in Lebanon leader Hassan Nasrallah.

2) One bullet, stategically placed, for Muqtada al-Sadr.

3) The bombing of Iran to eliminate its nuclear bomb program, and to wipe out its genocidal leadership.

1,2,3 done.

The forthcoming Baker Plan?

1) Negotiate with Iran on how best to abandon the Iraqi people.

Hmm, which plan do you think bodes better for the future?

Bush refused to meet with terrorists. Now he's going to follow the Jimmy Carter script, negotiating an agreement that won't be worth the paper it's written on. How can you negotiate with a lunatic? They insist the moon is made of green cheese, we think it prpbably isn't. Split the difference?

I think we're just going to kick this problem down the road. Until the fanatics stage another attack on us. Then, even if every nun in America took off her shoes before boarding an aircraft, we'll realize these killers mean business.


Except for Pelosi and her crew.

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