Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm still steamed...

about the dismissal of Rumsfeld. It was such a non-classy thing to do, and done in such a non-classy way--like kicking out a stray dog who wandered into your yard.

I thought this president would stick to his guns. My heart sank when I heard he had appointed a committee to look into the prosecution of the war. You might as well appoint a committee to decide whether God exists.

This reminds me of a story told by Richard Feynman, who was appointed to a committee to look into the Challenger disaster. I can't remember the details, but it was clear that the committee was a monumental waste of time. Feynman wanted to go to Cape Canaveral to talk to the engineers, etc., but apparently that was not considered necessary. In short, the committee was just one big whitewash, until Feynman applied his wits to the matter. It soon became apparent that a $2.98 part had failed because of the cold temperature on the day of the launch, and that the engineers had warned that this might happen, but had been persuaded to withdraw their objections. I'm just amazed that the country has lasted as long as it has. I guess it's just a happy accident.

It seems apparent to me that we are in the same position as a locomotive headed down the track at 50 mph towards a 150 lb man. Normally, there could be no doubt about the outcome. Our resources are immense. But our will is weak. If the lefties have their way, the man will destroy the train.

Then my grandchildren will have to fight this battle all over again.

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