Friday, November 24, 2006

Getting lost in Wilmington

I decided to go to the Motor Vehicle Dept today, with a side trip to the Wilmington Institute Library. But when I reached downtown Wilmington, traffic was diverted all over the place because of a parade which had just taken place. I finally found the library, and by God, it was closed!

So as not to waste a trip, I went to look at the statue in Rodney Square. Sure enough, it was Caesar Rodney. Whodathunkit?

The statue shows his horse rearing up on his two hind legs. Does this mean something? I seem to remember that it matters whether the horse has all or some of his feet on the ground--it signifies something.

Well, what with the diverted traffic, I got lost. Now I've gone to the Motor Vehicle Dept before: I know how to get there. I just don't know where it is. I know you have to cross a body of water, but which one? So if I don't follow my exact, familiar route, I can wander around for hours. Throw in some one-way streets, and I am fated to take the grand tour of Wilmington. I finally got to see the Hotel Dupont:

and the Opera House:

The Opera House sparkled in the sunlight--beautiful.

I bet myself a million dollars that the Motor Vehicle Department would be closed, but I soldiered on anyway. It was closed, so I owe myself a million dollars.

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