Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Air Force Wife blames her poor driving performance partly on shoes:

And, of course, one part of my brain is always thinking about shoes.

I admit to spending many hours and a lot of money on shoes, but I have my reasons.

1. None of the shoes I currently own are comfortable. They fit beautifully in the store, but some kind of metamorphosis (sp?) overtakes them in the closet. My feet change shape, sometimes overnight, like magic and the shoes don't fit. They could be too large on Monday and okay on Tuesday; they could rub against part of my foot; they could just generally hang off my feet and refuse to be worn. My shoes are the terrorists of my closet.

2. You need a different pair of shoes for every outfit. As I have said, les shoes juste are the essential ingredient in the get-up. The right shoes: dynamite appearance; wrong shoes: hopeless. Might as well stay home.

3. Storage problems. I have a rule: I cannot have more pairs of shoes than I have closet space to put them. This rule is often broken, but I keep a bag in the corner of the room for the Good Will, and I try to weed the shoe collection frequently. After all, I only have two feet.

4. I usually wear the same (fairly comfortable) shoes every day for a week, then become tired of them. They start to look shopworn, somehow. Old shoes---don't they look awful? Would you ever wear someone else's shoes? Ugh.

Those people like Jackie O and Imelda Marcus, who order each pair of shoes in every color--how do they make shoe decisions?

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