Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hot new fashions

From Hepzibah, one of my commentors:
What's on the fashion horizon for this spring? Burkas.

If she's right, we'd better not be caught with our pants down, figuratively. So I trolled the web for some burkas to suit the fashion-forward American woman.


This one is the Full Monty, so to speak; I can't tell whether this is a front or a back view. Possibly neither. It might be draped over a chair. A great choice for the mature woman, and can also be used as a slipcover for your sofa.

This little number would be perfect for the Easter Parade. Discreet, but sweet.

This one is for the young and daring. Perfect for the senior prom!

There now--that's not so bad, is it?

And just think: you needn't worry about driving some poor Muslim youth mad with lust, causing him to rape you, which will then be your fault.

Except--I don't know--perhaps the pink one is a little over the top?

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