Friday, October 13, 2006

Bush's fatal flaw

Really good analysis at lead and gold:

1. [T]he Bush administration has been inept at the art of the deal. It capitulates on some issues but never gets the quid pro quo that allows it to achieve any of its conservative objectives.

2. On some of the biggest issues, the administration's actions have not matched its rhetoric. Take the revelations about secret operations in the War on Terror. The right was outraged. I suspect that a majority of Americans are opposed to intelligence officials who break their oaths and leak secrets to the Times and the Post. Yet, there is no indication that Bush and his appointees are serious about dealing with the arrogant bureaucrats who broke the law.
Net message of #1 and #2: The Bush style is to placate his enemies and ignore his base. (It may be a family trait.)

There's more. Read it.

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