Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why be president

if you can't fire scum like this?

If I was President and an organization that I rely on for catching terrorist is helping the terrorist defeat me I would start putting people in handcuffs. The reporters that this info was leaked to should be arrested and forced to turn over their sources. I’m not against leaks if it is real whistleblowing. I’m all for exposing government corruption. However, by any metric, this is an agenda driven, politcal leak and action must be taken to catch those leakers.

Is the president going to do anything about this? Is anyone? Dn't hold your breath.

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Anonymous said...

You know you can't go up against the government. My brother was a cop and not even a cop can go against another cop. My brother did he got fired. After getting a lawyer fighting for his right losing his house, his marriage, car everything he had he won the other cop, which by the way was the sargent got fired. So, you in for a long hall but at the end there is always the light so stay focused on the light. When you have time check my site out