Saturday, September 16, 2006

We have leftard moonbat college professors

even here in Delaware.

[A]freind of mine returned that night from his World Religions class ... to tell me that his professor was as ridiculous as it gets. The man had a peace sign tatoo 1" in diameter on his cheek, 2 peace signs on his computer and a "War Is Not The Answer" sticker right there facing towards the class. Needless to say, my friend was in for a 3 hour lecture about how terrible America is....that Americans dont know how to love, that U.S. taxpayers are all murderers, and that many of the students in the class have ancestors who raped and killed his ancestors. The man claimed to be a pacifist in the most absolute form as well....Supposedly he is an easy A, but I'm not concerned about that. The man is clearly here to preach, and I worry for the minds who are in his class ready to be brainwashed. At least the University of Delaware isn't as liberal as many others, but with professors like this man it is climbing up the charts.

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